Design and Dimensioning of Pressure Vessel for a Marine Substation

This project presents the mechanical design and dimensioning of a pressure vessel, which is to be used as housing for a marine substation in a wave power park. A concept for generation of electricity from ocean waves is being developed at the Division of electricity at Uppsala University.

The concept is based on the use of a permanent magnet linear generator, placed on the seabed, connected via a line to a buoy at the surface. The generated electricity from a group of generators is transmitted in sea cables to a marine substation where conversion and transformation takes place before the electricity is transmitted to shore.

To reduce the risk of water leakage, the gas pressure inside the marine substation is larger than the surrounding water pressure. The substation can be pressurized before submersion, which requires the housing to be designed as a pressure vessel.

The pressure vessel has been dimensioned with formula based methods according to EN 13445, the European standard for unfired pressure vessels. The construction has been based on modifying a standard pressure tank. The housing has been designed for installation and sealing of a large number of electrical connectors. The connectors have been placed in a way that allows for future cable coupling with remotely operated vehicles and simplifies maintenance of the substation.
Source: Uppsala University
Author: Eriksson, Lars

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