Wind Driven Mobile Charging Of Automobile Battery

This paper deals with implementation of mobile wind driven generator technology to produce electricity in charging of two wheeler (12V) automobile battery. The use of PWM methodology with pulse charging method at a constant rate has been adopted for this purpose. The low speed PMSG driven by wind at speed of 15/40 km/hour has been used to eliminate gear box to achieve high efficiency. The output of three phase bridge rectifier is fed to boost converter which provides pulses of constant current to the battery.

With the population explosion, exploitation of natural resources is heading towards its peak. Some projections indicate that the global energy demand will almost triple by 2050 and oil can only supply the world for up to 150 years. Keeping these facts in mind, science has started emphasizing upon sustainable development and has come up with advanced methods of energy conservation.

We have developed different technologies for utilization of renewable resources of energy and these technologies are also being implemented in almost all sectors. Whether it is power generation by hydro projects or use of large scale solar panels, these technologies
are being used at an extensive scale.
Source: IJEST
Author: S.N. Singh | Sumit Kumar Jha | Sudhir Kumar Sinha

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