Analysis of Noise levels, Audio frequency and Fuel consumption with Propellers of type McCauley and MT on BAe Jetstream 32

This report describes a project conducted at Direktflyg in Borlänge, where the aim was to analyse the difference in noise level, audio frequency and fuel consumption between propellers of the older type McCauley and the newer type MT on the aircraft type BAe Jetstream 32.

To perform the analysis, the authors reviewed current procedures regarding noise certification from air safety agencies to be able to identify suitable methods for the noise level and audio frequency measurements. The results of the conducted noise level measurements show a general lower noise level throughout the cabin and a significant reduction in noise level behind row 2 when using the MT propeller compared to the McCauley type.

In practice this means a lower perceived noise level for most passengers at an average passenger load factor. The frequency measurements show that the MT propeller generates audio frequencies which are perceived as lower in noise levels and are therefore more comfortable for passengers. The fuel consumption was also slightly lower when using the MT propeller compared to the McCauley type over the assigned time period and the determined limiting parameters.
Source: Mälardalen University
Author: Andersson, Magnus

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