Implementation of Quality Control in order to assure the quality of a Manufacturing process within a Production line

This project is performed at Volvo Construction Equipments in Braås, which is one of the world leading producers of equipment for construction places. The quality aspect is an important factor when increasing the production in a manufacturing company and the role of quality should be highlighted in order to produce more error-free products, using cost-effective methods and tools.

This case study emphasises ways of implementing quality control in order to quality assure the manufacturing process with focus on the manual and automatic handling. By standardising and analysing the collected and measured data in the manufacturing process the quality will be assured by implementation of quality control.

The result of the study is to use a developed manual for implementation of quality control, which will increase the quality level. To reach the goal of this study qualitative and quantitative measurement has been used for identifying the present situation and which factors that is important when making improvements.

Then interviews have been performed to define gaps in the communication between managers and operators. The conclusion is to use a manual for how to implement quality control and controlling a process.
Source: Växjö University
Author: Skoog, Johanna | Jusufagic, Amra

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>> Reliability and Maintenance Projects for Engineering Students

>> Reliability and Maintenance Projects for Engineering Students

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