Development and documentation of process and routines for Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisation

This report provides a description of a work in aeronautical engineering that was carried out at Patria Helicopters AB.

Patria have been responsible for the preservation of a Eurocopter EC135 since May of last year due to the fact that the previous owner went into receivership. A decision was made at the beginning of this year that the company would also take over the continuing airworthiness of the helicopter.

This created the need for a CAME to be written as part of the application process to become an approved CAMO organisation.

During the ten weeks at Patria the author has been working on the compilation of the exposition in accordance with Part M, Subpart G, M.A. 704 as well as all of the appendices that needed to be included with the application to Transportstyrelsen.

The task has meant familiarizing one’s self with the rules and regulations of EASA Part-M and how the various sub-parts relate to each other. In addition to this, the routines and processes that were already established at Patria have also been examined.

With the help of a compliance check list provided by Transportstyrelsen, “Anybodies CAME” and EASAs Part-M document, the different areas that needed to be addressed in the exposition were accomplished and thus describe the routines that are in place at Patria Helicopters AB which will ensure the continuing airworthiness of the aircraft managed by the company.
Source: Mälardalen University
Author: Gabrielsson, Johan

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