Design and Fabricate Multipurpose Portable Desk

The study of manufacturing was very important in order to carry out this project to ensure that the student understand on what are needed to do. This project is about designing and fabricate “Multipurpose Portable Desk” to help people easy to bring anywhere.

This project involves the process of designing the table by using considering some of factor such as shape and ergonomic for people to use. After the design is complete, it was transformed to real product where the design is used as a guideline.

This project also required to ensure the safety for indeed of publishing. Methods and process involve in this project for instance joining using welding, rivet, shearing, bending and drilling.

This project is mainly about generating a new concept of multipurpose and portable desk that would make easy to bring anywhere and more function. After all process had been done, this desk may help us to understand the fabrication and designing process that involved in this project.

Project Synopsis:
This project is design and fabricates a Multipurpose Portable Desk. The project involved the design and fabrication. This desk can be adjusts to different heights and angles and folds away too.

Multi-purpose Portable Desk instantly turns a chair or sofa into an eating, entertainment or work center. The desk must be sturdy and portable so it can use for flat for eating, writing, and doing paperwork.

Skill requirement during making this project is AutoCAD, mechanical design, welding and basic machining such as shearing machine, bending machine and drill machine.
Source: Universiti Malaysia Pahang
Author: Muhammad Zulfadli Bin Che Zakaria

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