Vertical Bi-phase Weaving Machine for Individual Warp Thread Control

Prototype of a new weaving machine to replace existing jacquard weaving machine has been developed for increasing the width of the design repeat and doubling productivity. This development also eliminates the constraint of change in warp sett in jacquard weaving machines.

Change in warp sett can be made conveniently in this new development. There is only change in the shedding system; one such unit is common to two weaving machines. The weaving machine produces simultaneously two fabrics, one face up and the other face down. The warp yarn does not move unless a change from up to down is required. The warp sheet is in a vertical configuration instead of the usual horizontal plane.

Ever since the innovation of looms, the need for improving productivity and fabric design potentiality remain the basic objectives of weaving machinery development. Over the past few years, the weaving machine manufacturers have mainly focused on improving the performance of the machine, increasing the weaving speed and raising production versatility.

However, to keep in line with new market requirements these objectives are rapidly changing toward a more utilization of the machine. ‘Just in time’ and ‘quick response’ are two concepts which, originating from the making up sector, have gained in importance in all sector of the textile industry.

The productivity increase effected has many ways including the progression of certain new techniques, like multi-phase and multi-section weaving. Nonetheless, the weft insertion systems in their current form are no longer able to be improved fundamentally.
Authors: P K Hari | K P Vetrivel | K N Gupta

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Design of a Bias-Weaving Machine: Thread Manipulation and other Topics

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