How to make an Innovative Company Cleantech: A case study of HTC Sweden AB

This study was undertaken in order to determine whether or not an innovative company in general would be classified as a Cleantech company and how this could be done.

Cleantech is a diverse range of products and services that harness renewable materials and energy sources and substantially reduce the use of all resources and dramatically cut or eliminate emissions and waste. So far Cleantech is a fairly new concept which has caught a lot of Investors attention, making it even more interesting to study.

In the thesis report, the data used ranges from face to face interview results, telephone interview results, email information, documents and various articles. Apart from having a general aim, the thesis also looks at a case study in order to have an in depth study.

HTC Sweden AB is the case study company that has been studied. The company is located in Söderköping Sweden, and it specialises in professional floor systems. The company is focused on being innovative while maintaining its environmental consciousness.

With the use of a Backcasting methodology, various strategies were suggested on how HTC Sweden AB would be globally recognised as a Cleantech company; having discovered that it already qualifies to be called Cleantech. The suggested strategies for HTC Sweden AB include:
–  Marketing HTC Sweden AB as Cleantech
–  Promoting the companies environmental image
–  Focus on energy technology

The thesis also discusses how other companies in general would also be able to use the strategies that have been suggested for HTC AB.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Tembo, Chipo

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