A Model for Material Handling Improvements when using Automated Storage Systems

The purpose of this study is to create a model of how to organize the placements of articles in an automated storage system in order to reduce time and cost related to the extractions.

The model was developed during an investigation at a case company, and a comprehensive study of the material handling identified bottlenecks, whereof one was chosen to be further investigated: the automated storage system.

The automated storage system is newly installed equipment, which required new working methods to be incorporated to the already existing working environment.

The ABC-analysis was used in order to motivate how the articles should be placed in the automated storage. The goal for the new way of handling material was to put as little effort as possible on time related to the extraction of material.

This due to the realization of material handling processes being a huge contributor to waste activities. This resulted in the development of the model and the suggestion that is given to the case company is to place the most frequent extracted articles close to the users.

However, advantages must be held against disadvantages of rearrangements since the material handling will not be eliminated totally due to smaller improvements.
Source: Linnaeus University
Author: Thongmal Larsson, Marie

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