MD-80 Engine Change Kit

This report’s aim is to verify if it is possible, and if so, by how much SAS Component could increase the threshold values of all incoming components belonging to an MD-80 Engine Change Kit. How would this raise in the components threshold lower SAS Component’s expenses?

A study was performed on the condition of all incoming components belonging to an MD-80 Engine Change Kit. During the study, the information collected was used to build a statistical data base. Information on how long the component had been in use and how long it had been mounted on the aircraft was recorded.

This information was then used to help assess the condition of the components. With the help of this information, an MTTF calculation was then carried out to assess, if and by how much, SAS Component could raise the threshold values and still keep the components within repairable conditions.

Our conclusion is that, due to a lack of sufficient data, it is impossible to say by exact how much the threshold values could be raised and therefore what would be the cost cut benefits for SAS Component.
Source: Mälardalen University
Author: Nogueira, Tiago | Twofik, Twana

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