Thermal Spraying by HVAF as an environmentally friendly alternative to Electrolytic Hard Chrome Plating of Piston Rods

The increased environmental focus concerning hazardous substances used in production process has led to stricter legislations limiting the use of such substances.

Hardchrome plating (EHC) is a production process where stricter regulations efficiently has limited both the amount of hexavalent chromium allowed in products released on the market, and the permitted human exposure levels to hexavalent chromium.

To comply with the stricter regulations, many companies are forced to redesign their products using alternative materials, making investment in equipment for cleaning of waste water, and protective equipment for employees.

The aim of this thesis work was to verify technical properties and the commercial conditions for converting from hardchrome plating of piston rods intended for use in construction equipment, with the thermal spray process High Velocity Air Fuel, HVAF. A chromium carbide powder was used to produce dense coatings on five piston rods.
Source: University West
Author: Ottosson, Andreas

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