VEVA Multifunctional Spindlering

Our thesis is made in collaboration with Autoliv Sweden and the department Global Development Seatbelt in Vårgårda.

Autoliv was founded in 1953 by two brothers from Vårgårda. Since then, they have become world leading in automotive safety and cooperates with several major automotive companies.

The aim of the project was to evaluate a concept that Adrian Bud for Global Development Seatbelt department in Vårgårda had come up with. The concept aims to simplify the design and reduce the number of parts in an adaptive load limiter (LLA). With a reduction in the number of parts, the price for the LLA would decrease and also make assembly easier.

An LLA adjusts the chest compression from the seatbelt in a crash sequence. This helps reducing the injury that might result from such chest compressions in a crash. The load limiter ensures that the slowdown of the body is done in a smooth manner by adjusting the amount of belt released.

Our concept evaluation has included conceptual design, primary design, visualization of design in Catia V5 and FEM analysis. Finally prototypes were built with the help of Autolivs central workshop and tests were performed at Autoliv. The report also includes analyzes of the results, recommendations for the continuation of work and development and a critical review of the evaluation.
Source: Halmstad University
Author: Pettersson, Simon | Miranda, Andersson

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