Small and Simple model of an Automatic Gate System

In this project, we attempt to construct a small and simple model of an Automatic Gate System, which uses a power window motor which uses for car power window and circuitry to move the gate.

The primary aim of this project is to learn in details about how the automatic gate system works and to understand to concepts involved. The secondary aim is to fabricate a simple model to show how the system works.

The main activities involved in this project are the research done on how the automatic gate works, sketching a detailed plan of the gates, welding (Arc Welding) the metal pieces together to form the gate, purchasing the correct power window motor and circuit’s and gate together and finally the test run.

Although we had many hiccups during the fabrication of the gate but we were able to learned a lot from this project such as team work, innovation, the skill of arc welding and the ability to put into practice what we have learned to achieve our desired outcome.

Download Project – Automatic Gate Control System (37.8 MB)

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