CFD Measurements of the Cooling Air in a DC-Motor

The cooling system of a DC-motor is examined in this thesis. A change of direction of the cooling air is desired to prevent the generated coal dust from entering into the windings of the machine. Ultimately this will have a negative effect on the cooling in the machine and the loss of cooling needs to be compensated through other ways.

The purpose of this project is to work for an improved operational safety and performance of the DC-motor and to make it more competitive in the market. By modelling the interior geometry of the machine and defining the boundaries in the software programs Gambit and FLUENT respectively, the motion and the heat transfer of the airflow could be simulated.

The simulation results would give us an understanding of the flow pattern which later could be used to develop design modifications on the cooling system of a DC-motor. In this thesis the main focus lies on creating a simulation model with a sufficiently fine mesh size.
Source: Mälardalen University
Author: Amanatidou, Rebeka

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