Drag Estimations on Experimental Aircraft Using CFD

The drag approximations done in the initial design phase needed to be verified. A model of the aircraft has been analyzed with CFD and results examined to see how accurate the estimations were. A step by step analysis was made and then a simulation was run.

The drag results of the CFD analysis did not meet the goal of the initial design study. Several reasons for this are discussed. The analysis shows that the aircraft design works well aerodynamically but also shows a few areas where the design can be improved.

A preliminary design study of a two-seater experimental aircraft for the home built market has been carried out by Anders Olsson and is presented in a report with the title “Conceptual Design of Experimental Aircraft”. The study was carried out to see if it would be possible to construct an aircraft with a high cruise speed, long range, capable of aerobatics and with short field performance.
Source: Mälardalen University
Author: Hardie, Staffan

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