Design and Development of a Simple Data Acquisition System for Monitoring and Recording Data

This project is about constructing a data acquisition system. These systems are very useful for technological companies because technicians can monitor every machine in the factory through a computer and see if one or several are malfunctioning.

A computer based data acquisition system is an effective and cost-effective method to have an overview of the whole production line inside a factory. Data acquisition means the process of measuring and acquiring signals from physical or electrical phenomena such as pressure, temperature, voltage and flow with a computer and software.

The purpose of the project is to design and develop a simple data acquisition system. Labview was used to construct the system and the system is limited to only acquire signals from flow and temperature. The measurements were made in the HPT laboratory at The Royal Institute of Technology.By the end of the project a Graphical User Interface was developed so that the user can monitor how the flow and temperature varies with time.
Source: KTH
Author: Cherif, Mohamed

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