Development of a New Drawing System for STS

An engineering firm which handles and constructs drawings needs well defined routines and structures which should be homogeneous through all the different departments. A common drawing system results in better quality and cooperation between the departments.

SAS Technical Services (STS) did not have a common drawing system which had led to development of different routines in the different regions and departments. Requested was development of new routines regarding engineering drawings, such as drawing numbering structure, revision and subscription routines, which standards to adhere to, custom made drawing templates and management of the drawings with belonging documents.

Each requested task was broken into minor tasks and analyzed. Solutions by different leading engineering companies were used for comparison and ideas. All the tasks were collected and organized in one single document which is the result of the thesis; a drawing instruction.

The drawing instruction will after a learning phase ease the work for the STS engineers as all necessary information can be found in one single place. Also, work with contractors will be time-saving as the instruction can be handed out for guidance.
Source: Mälardalen University
Authors: HÃ¥konsen, Christian | Berkelund, Mikael

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