Project Joyride: The Eco-friendly Single Seater Aircraft of the Future

This thesis presents an aircraft concept, The Joyride, supposed to satisfy the future demand for sustainable hobby aircrafts. The work was done through research on environmental friendly aircraft complimented by lectures on aircraft dynamics held by supervisor Arne Karlsson.

A propulsion system was designed and two different future energy sources were examined. Sizing and performance analyses were executed in an iterative trial and error fashion to fulfill the specified aims for the aircraft. The final results present a zero-emissions, light weight, blended wing body aircraft.

The Joyride has got a maximum takeoff gross weight of less than 800 kg, wingspan of 16 m, wing area of 24 m2, cruise altitude of 6000 m and a maximum range of 850 km. It is equipped with an electric motor with a peak power of 120 kW-161 hp. This makes and completing a 180° turn in just over 6 seconds, in other words perfectly suited for an aircraft enthusiast. It is the authors’ belief that The Joyride is possible to realize within a timeframe of 50 years.
Source: KTH
Author: Kring, Mårten | Jufors, Gustav

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