Capacity Calculator of Rotary Draw Tube Bending

Plastic deformation of tubes can be achieved in numerous ways. One of the most useful type is CNC tube bending machines which is used in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, HVAC systems and so on. It is important that all components of system should mate properly after producing and because of this bend shaping requires sensitive operation on each components to ensure regularity of production processes with high quality end-product.

Thus, the CNC tube bending industry to become widespread. However it brings some troubleshooting like wrinkling, springback, breakage and ovalisation. This failures depends on geometry of the material such as bending radius, tube thickness and also friction factor between dies and the tube.

Effects of all parameters should be examined before generating the theory for a best solution. Therefore, prediction of the required moment for the proper bending process with low cost and shortened production time is needed. All of these requirements can be achieved through a C++ form application program.
Source: Linnaeus University
Author: Köseoğlu, Seda | Parlak, Hasan

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